I’m a Believer. I’m a Christian.

I love the Lord Jesus Christ and believe with every cell in my body that He died on the cross to save my life, and your life.

I believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God.

I believe in prayer.

I’m a flawed human who has been saved by Grace.

I’ll continue to fail, in some probably pretty epic ways sometimes.

Favorite Band: Kings of Leon


As I jump started my walk with God again., I realized there was a stereotypical “Christian Girl” online presence. Everywhere I clicked, there was a lot of pastel cardigans and sugary messages that didn’t dive into the nitty gritty questions I still had. Some of the messages really inspired me, but I had a really hard time relating to their seemingly perfect lives. This translated to a larger theme in my life, where I often felt left out of the Christian lifestyle because I didn’t fit into their “aesthetic”. This was obviously my own insecurities at play, and the enemy had used them against me for a very long time to keep me away from Godly people. This is my personal mission against that. I believe that if I write with a theme of transparency, I’ll be able to inspire others who struggle like I do. This isn’t and will never be about gaining followers or likes, its about bringing people deeper into God’s merciful embrace.